Blog Apocalypse Now

In an amazing turn of events I am delighted to announce that my latest painting catapulted me into a wholly different mode of conscious non-physical communication. Outwardly appearing to be a poppy painting, this work carries an energy which ignites the same transformation in all who view it.

The current Blogosphere has been wonderful but due to the accelerating evolution and powerful creativity of all participants, we are now ready to launch the next phase of this great adventure. I am posting the image of this transformative painting so you can all join us in creating the new form. This will be my last post on the now outmoded method…


Huh? Shut off the infernal alarm clock, umph. What happened here anyway? I was dreaming? Dreaming of creative energies transcending the Blogosphere?

Well, not today anyway. Looks like the Blogosphere is still the place to be.

Now the secret reason for this post, it is actually for Albert Foong’s Blog Apocalypse meme. He will donate $500 to charity if enough of us participate in the Blog Apocalypse meme. The idea is to write the very last post for your blog before the (sound a drumroll here) ending of the Blogosphere, then link to the Blog Apocalypse post on Albert’s blog, and link to whoever tagged you to join. He donates a dollar to charity for each submitting link.

I am tagging Gia Combs-Ramirez, Anmol Mehta, Anmol Mehta, Happy Rant, and anyone else reading this who wants to join the fun!

A quick note here, JoLynn at The Fit Shack also tagged me!

This post is included in the Carnival of Miracles, and you might want to go check out the other articles in this carnival for some good reading.



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3 thoughts on “Blog Apocalypse Now

  1. Kara-Leah Masina

    What a wonderful idea – a painting that transform all that loook at it. I’d be lining up to see that one!

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