Astrology, Garbage and Growth

What do I say about astrology, the much abused study of patterns that creates ridiculous distortions in the way people perceive their lives? It is hard to think of a modality that generates more garbage than astrology, and yet, there is useful information to be had with it.

My love/hate relationship with astrology has persisted for many years. I am actually a reasonably competent esoteric astrologer, which simply means I look at a chart from the point of view of the soul purpose, looking at assets and liabilities in accomplishing soul purpose. This weeds out quite a lot of astrological garbage.

However, esoteric astrology still leaves all the weaknesses of the astrologer in place. The astrologer, even a good one, can have a bad day and misinterpret a chart, miss important information, and distort what is seen. So plenty of garbage remains available.

People rarely gain much from a reading which simply delivers information, however garbled, to their conscious minds anyway. The conscious mind doesn’t usually hold the steering wheel in such matters, so beneficial effects are minimal even though people love to hear about themselves.

The worst example I ever saw was a woman who came to me with her chart, which I saw was heavily themed with deceit and dishonesty. I thought, well, here goes, and flatly told her what I saw.

She smilingly agreed and happily recounted examples from her rambunctious love life. She was perfectly delighted I recognized her blatantly deceitful manipulations!

I was stunned. Even though she paid for the reading, the whole exercise was a pointless waste of time for me in that no positive growth resulted for her. This woman did not even want growth of any kind. I quit doing regular readings at that point.

As a new approach I later began adding protected energy processes to reading a chart and found it far more fruitful. I eventually called it Soul Attunement Astrology and chose to work only with clients who wanted to follow their soul path and experience creative growth.

In the normal reading preceding the energy work I may see the chart in a different way than when I enter the energy processes. Totally different configurations may light up in my mind’s eye as the energy work begins.

I find this most instructive as I cooperate with the process and work with what I am shown. In subtle, powerful ways this assists positive manifestation of growth potentials in alignment with the individual’s soul path, particularly when facing challenging patterns.

All challenging patterns carry energy, and once the challenge is met and resolved, that energy becomes a potent force propelling the person forward on his or her path. For me, this creative growth is the only useful application of the realm called astrology.

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3 thoughts on “Astrology, Garbage and Growth

  1. Dr Rajan Sharma

    Hi Lexi Sundell,

    I understand your frustration about unpredictability with the knowledge astrology.

    We astrologers, are trying to predict the possible events based on the birth day chart. It is not a wrong approach.

    But we have to take into account the individual’s circumstances, Attitude, the Up-bringing, Free Will Power etc which are ever changeable. In fact the Free Will helps to override the possible life’s events predicted through the Astrology and Birth Chart. But unless the Free will is very strong it may not be able to destroy the influence of the planets shown during the analysis.

    So the astrology is the tool of predicting the possibilities and it is correct to very great extent. However the individual with their efforts and positive thinking can change the outcome. In Sanskrit it is known as AGAMIYA KARMA

  2. Graham Dawson

    Hi Lexi,

    So true! Astrology, like any other tool, can be used or mis-used. Congratulations on being true to your Self.

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