The Abundance Experiment

Attracting Abundance vs Acknowledging Abundance

Lately I have been pondering the nature of abundance. As I was removing the fourth pickup load (no kidding!) of weeds from my garden yesterday the question arose, what if trying to attract abundance is precisely the wrong approach in the first place? What if we already experience abundance in myriad ways in our daily lives, whether we acknowledge that fact or not?

I know this from my own experiences: our creative energies follow our attention. When we only focus attention on what we do not have, we create more experiences of lack. Ironically, that too is an expression of abundance.

We might ask ourselves, instead, what is already enriching our lives that we are failing to appreciate?

I decided to create a simple abundance experiment with donations to expand our awareness in a joyful and playful way. It could be more fun than weeding, anyway.

The Underlying Principles

The principles underlying the experiment are deceptively simple. The first has already been stated, our creative energies follow our directed intention. The second is that taking action, even if a small action, accelerates manifesting.

Creating a work of art provides an easy example of these two principles. Any artwork immediately reveals the creative energies of the artist.

Furthermore, no artwork is created without some form of action. My husband always says, “You just have to put some paint on.” Once paint is on the canvas, the process is underway and will evolve naturally. But the first paint has to go on before anything else can happen.

Before getting to the actual experiment, let’s take a look at the act of donation, our medium in this experiment. As an example of creative energy, donating empowers abundance. Our attention and our intentions are fully directed to recognizing what is of value. When followed by the act of donation itself, what we value is then magnified not only for ourselves but for others as well. Besides that, it’s a lot of fun to do!

The Abundance Experiment in Three Steps

  1. Each month acknowledge by donation the blogs that inspire you and support you in manifesting our greatest dreams. This might be a different group of blogs each month. Invite them to join the Abundance Experiment if they are not already participating. Write a post linking to the blogs you have chosen for donation and explain why you find their writing valuable, and link your post back to this article. I will write an update article each month that links to your posts.
  2. Feel the appreciation being stated through receiving donations from those who find your own blog valuable. These may not be the same people that you chose in the first step, because this is not a pyramid scheme. Everyone freely chooses where to direct their energies of appreciation, so be open to receiving from unexpected directions.
  3. Increase abundance by expanding your appreciation through more giving. Directing our attention to larger group efforts and giving 10% of the donations we each receive is a powerful action indeed. Choose an organization you recognize as valuable and announce on your blog that 10% of donations you receive will go to it. This invites your readers into a greater participation as well. I personally will be donating to the Heifer Project, but many other choices exist.

The Dynamics of Donation

Donating can be a perplexing area to many people. What is the value of something that brought us joy, a chuckle, an insight, or some other intangible good feeling? Can we even afford what would be a worthy appreciation?

I think a small donation does make a difference and can lead to the forms of abundance we want. Your act of donating to my blog is a statement that you believe I have made a positive difference for you. My act of donating to your blog states that it was worth the effort to acknowledge you at whatever level my resources permit. Trust me on this—any size donation can be a happy surprise for the recipient!

For most bloggers five dollar donations are manageable and allow the opportunity to acknowledge value in several blogs each month. Some people on limited budgets might find smaller amounts to be necessary, and more affluent people might find larger amounts more appropriate. In all cases, the act of giving the donation is more important than the dollar amount.

One final note: If we are asking for others to donate to our blog…we must in turn donate to others. The age old question of which comes first, the chicken or the egg, has never been solved. I think, though, that we must donate first, to get donations. Try it and see!

Now I’m off to appreciate the abundance of grass running amok in my gardens.

And I Choose…

In that spirit this month I choose the following blogs for my donations. I invite them to join the Abundance Experiment, but also extend the invitation to any of you who wish to participate.

Science of Energy Healing by Gia Combs-Ramirez
She consistently writes interesting and high quality posts that address spiritual and personal healing and growth. Extremely insightful, she also has a great humility. Who else would publicly admit discovering her “rat personality”?

Christine Kane at her personal blog
A musical artist, she has a deep understanding of the creative process as well as a great deal of accumulated wisdom in human affairs. I thoroughly enjoy her blog and her music. Although I do not expect to meet her, I think I would really like her if I did.

Be Conscious Now by K-L Masina, now sadly discontinued,
Another kindred spirit, she writes honestly of her path of growth through life As if that were not enough, her blog also features artwork which adds additional appeal to her writing.

Today Is That Day by Aaron Potts
This blog explores many facets of personal growth. He has a practical down to earth approach I find refreshing.

Druid Journal by Jeff Lilly
I love his phonosemantic analysis, which can be quite fascinating. He walks a rather different path than I do, and yet I find some deep similarities.

The Urban Monk by Albert Foong
It has been interesting to watch his growth in this blog. I appreciate his willingness to share and contribute.

If my writings bring creative expansion to your life, please donate to my creative expansion.

Copyright © Lexi Sundell 2007. All Rights Reserved.

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6 thoughts on “The Abundance Experiment

  1. gia combs-ramirez

    This sounds like fun! I also view that donating to other blogs who are also donating begins to lay the energetic grid that gets more and more magnetized, attracting more money (highly magnetic itself).

    Off to donate to some of my favorite blogs…

  2. Lexi Sundell

    That is the spirit! Let’s have a lot of fun with this!

    I already have received a warm response from one of the bloggers who is on my list of choices this month. This does create a different energy.


  3. K-L | Be Conscious Now


    Love this idea – thank you for including me! It was a lovely surprise to receive your donation in my inbox, and also intriguing because you’d tagged it with ‘the abundant experiment’.

    I had started making an effort to choose a plug-in creator to donate to each week – but in the midst of moving and relationship upheaval etc lost my flow on that one…

    I will give this some thought, and then be off to donate to some blogs, and share this experiment via a post on my blog.

    Much joy & abundance!

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  5. Great

    Fantastic read because I was uncertain where to start and easily found my own solution 🙂

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