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Our Souls Walk the Night Skies

Night Lightning, 44' w x 32" h

Night Lightning

Our souls walk the night skies in our dreams. If we are fortunate, we may wake and catch the vision of those magnificent starry expanses inviting us to merge with our souls.

An apt symbol for the passion of the soul as it flows through time and space is the horse, which often has been used to represent human passion. Great swirling energies dance in the mane of the horse, electric colors of lightning enlivening our beings when we least expect it.

The head and neck of the horse hold a profound stillness, the signal of the void. The void is not a space of nothingness, but instead contains the full potential of everything, all possibilities not yet brought into form. The void glitters with a quiet aliveness that awaits myriad creative choices.

After the lightning of the soul strikes our hearts in the night, we move into this void where we discover our own new potentials. If we rest in deep stillness, we will emerge restored and refreshed, suddenly inspired with dreams newly discovered.

Then let us touch our lives and create those dreams from the lightning inspirations of our souls.

Lexi Sundell’s painting Night Lightning and limited edition prints are available at RiverStone Gallery.

Copyright © Lexi Sundell 2008. All Rights Reserved.