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Announcing New Art Blogs


I am pleased to announce I created two new websites last week. Even though my electronic difficulties persist, at least I am getting some real work done again. I created art blogs for myself and for my husband. The urls are pretty simple, www.lexisundell.com and www.bernsundell.com.

I have quite a collection of my flower paintings showing on my site, along with commentary about the individual paintings. Giclee prints from the paintings are available with an online shopping cart.

I also wrote a couple of posts on there about my new book, Painting Acrylic Flowers A-Z, which has finally been released!

River King by Bern Sundell

Bern’s site emphasizes fly fishing showing his trout paintings and fishing scenes. He also does Indian warriors which appear as well. His giclee prints have a shopping cart the same as mine.

I invite you to go have a look at your leisure, welcome to our art!

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