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Creative Explosion

Flower petals are flying everywhere! Stamens litter the floor. Stray leaves are caught in my hair and you can practically hear the sewing machine stripping its gears!

What on earth is going on?

Well, I am actually nowhere near any sewing machines and all the petals are flying in the form of pixels. I think I have gotten a bit punch drunk from staring at the screen and processing images for hours on end.

I took a notion to do something playful with my flower paintings, so I set about to create a collection of t-shirts with Printfection. This led to a creative explosion of t-shirt designs and colors, all right here in my slightly cranky computer.

Flower Tees by Lexi Sundell

Now I have a basic storefront opened at Printfection called Flowers by Sundell. It is a lot of fun to take an artwork and do something completely different with it from time to time. This was one of those moments. Actually, it grew into quite a few of those moments.

Fly Fishing Tees by Bern Sundell

The project rapidly doubled, tripled, and leaped out of control, as creativity run amok sometimes does. My husband wanted, no surprise, his fly fishing paintings on tees as well. So he now has a storefront open called Fly Fishing by Sundell.

This is the man who does not use computers, so you know who did all this…

The fish swam through the flowers, fly lines tangling in the stamens, as I slowly lost my mind somewhere in the forest of pixels.

You are welcome to enjoy the results while I go find some ice cream, chocolate, or other such sinful pleasure to recover my senses.

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