Carnival of Creative Growth #24

Welcome to the Carnival of Creative Growth #24. We have a varied selection of articles in this edition, so please have fun browsing through them!

Creative Business Growth

Mattg presents Do You Get Twitter?, saying, “Twitter is really a fast growing community site and providing a good environment to interacting with people of same thinking or business line. So, go and get a twitter, now.”

Cindy King presents How Information Products Sold In Foreign Markets Can Save Your Business When Your Economy Is Slow. The title says it.

Vee presents Community Role in your Success, saying, “Al Betz is a renowned national speaker on the subject of Outfluence, which is a better way to influence.”

Creative Projects

Lexi Sundell presents The Video Is Finished At Last, saying, “Now I know why people go to film school!”

Joshua Dodson presents Free eBook of Sentience with Kinesthesia (Poetry), saying, “Joshua is giving away a free poetry eBook that deals with changing one’s perception of life events.”

Daniel Lafleche presents The 5 Trends That Make SXSW 2008 the Indie Film Fest You Need to Know About, saying, “This snappy article looks at creative development in film, showcasing the most interesting trends that developed at the 2008 SXSW Film Festival.”

Creative Personal Growth

Anmol Mehta presents The Zen of Time Management, “How to manage time from a Zen perspective. Master Blumise is running around slapping everybody in the monastery, can Tara solve the riddle?”

Carole G. McKay presents Hillary, Bill and Noah Webster, saying, “A candid look at how we lie to ourselves and others and the price we pay for looking the other way.”

Angelawd presents I’ll be damned, here comes your ghost again*, saying, “For years, I carried around the voices of all those who told me I was not good enough. Today, I made a decision about these judgements.”

David B. Bohl presents Are You For Real?, saying, “Take a look around America and you’ll find that we’re an image-obsessed society. It seems that too many people will stop at nothing in order to maintain a pristine self-image. But what happens to the rest of us, who have a strong desire for authentic, honest living?”

Abutei presents Happiness, Love, Success, Abundance, or Pain, Suffering and everything else in between which is a life lesson using a made up word.

the baglady presents You Have So Much Potential -The Baglady in a disconcerting look at potentials.

Todd Goldfarb presents How To Find Your True Purpose, saying, “Wonderful piece on finding inner purpose. Enjoy!”

GP presents Dances with Horses, saying, “Our horses can teach us alot about “playing””

Robert Phillips presents Lessons Learned from The General, showing the hazards of rushing to judgement.

Alex Blackwell presents Confessions from a Recovering Father with a deeply insightful look at lost opportunities and the creation of new ones.

Maria Gajewski presents Are You Working With an Old Reality? How to Change Paradigms, saying, “Is there anything in your work or personal life that has changed recently? Are you having trouble letting go of the “way things used to be?” If so, keep reading and I’ll teach you how to move forward more quickly and with fewer negative emotions than you have right now.”

Creative Thinking

CG Walters presents Is There an Obligation to Speak?, saying, “”Truth is but a resting place until the next revelation…an ever-progressing horizon…” a collectively endorsed mythology. When it can no longer explain the world of our experience, it is surpassed.”

Elizabeth presents Reaching your dreams with PASSION!, saying, “This blog discusses happiness and success when going after your dreams with passion!”

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  1. CG Walters

    Thank you, Lexi, for your work and for bringing such a collection together to share with others.
    Many blessings to you and all you hold dear,

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