Carnival of Creative Growth #5

Welcome to the Carnival of Creative Growth #5! We have a great selection of articles this week ranging from academically thoughtful to relaxed storytelling. I appreciate all the contributors for their fine efforts and hope you enjoy reading their offerings.

For a humorous detour into unusual creativity in gardening, I offer my article, A Creative Way To Kill A Tomato Plant. Just when you thought you knew every way to kill a plant…

Christine Kane presents How to Get Nothing Done posted at Christine Kane’s Blog. She clearly articulates how to efficiently ensure you will get nothing done. All of you who fear enacting your dreams, rush over and read these great suggestions!

Eduardo Zambrano presents My life would be better if? posted at The Way of It. A moving collection of paper describing to the professor how his life would be better by students who know and appreciate him well.

Eduardo Zambrano presents Marriage gone to heaven posted at The Way of It. I don’t usually place two articles by one author in the same edition of the carnival, but both of these deserve reading. This one is particularly special in its wisdom.

Gia Combs-Ramirez presents My Top Five Life Traumas and What I Learned From Them posted at The Science of Energy Healing. She speaks of painfully difficult events in her life and how she moved into “love, joy, and ever expanding potential.”

Phylameana lila Desy presents Art Healing Process by Whitehorse Woman posted at About Holistic Healing, saying, “Shield Making”. She offers instructions for making a healing shield, a creative way of healing.

Scott Lee presents A Thin Line for the Dark and Bright posted at Scott Free Thinking. This post expresses excellent insight into taking positive directions in life at difficult times.

Ellesse presents How To Acquire A Wealthy Mindset in 5 Powerful Steps posted at Goal Setting College. A description of the mindset required to create wealth is accompanied by methods to acheive that mindset.

JoLynn Braley presents How to Surrender to a Lack of Motivation posted at The Fit Shack, saying, “This article pertains to the act of surrendering to a lack of motivation to lose weight, however the powerful act of surrender can be used in any area of life that you have been struggling with.” She does a fine job of explaining the power of surrender in this post.

John Hill presents Quit Your Job and Move to Thailand posted at Universe Of Success. He did exactly that, and describes the process for others to apply to their own dreams.

Andy Schmitt presents The Law of Attraction Experiment – Fake It Until You Make It posted at The Secret Law of Attraction, saying, “I don’t think enough has been written about the power of “FAKE IT UNTIL YOU MAKE IT” regarding the Law of Attraction. My first reaction when I considered this approach is that I wasn’t being honest with myself, and I was creating a false sense of success. However, upon further consideration I believe that this is the key to unlocking The Secret Law of Attraction.” presents How do you teach an eagle how to fly? posted at, saying, “A story that illustrates how we can soar and achieve our dreams by freeing our minds and believing in our hearts that we have it in us to fly and claim the sky.”

Debra Moorhead presents 7 Ways to be Happier and More Fulfilled in Everything You Do posted at Debra She lists ways that to be happier in your life.

Bradley Woods presents Psycho-Cybernetic Mental Training Exercise #2 posted at Conceive, Believe, Achieve, saying, “This article will help you through creative thinking, to eliminate any false limitations that are in place from you achieving your goals.”

Mike Estep PhD presents Right-Brain Training – Practical Applications Part 3 posted at Intuitive Feeling-Learning. This article describes the role of imagination in creativity and offers ways to practice more creativity.

Sudhanshu presents Gyaan Sutra: The rant of the entrepreneur posted at Gyaan Sutra. This is a short article describing ongoing competition with those who are superior and the necessity of accepting in advance both failure and success.

Laura Koehne presents Where’s Your Butt? & Other Unique Ways to be in the Present Moment posted at DoWhat!?, saying, “Unique ways to access the “slowed down moment of self connection.”

That concludes this edition. All of you authors, please remember to add your links to this carnival. You are invited to submit your blog article to the next edition of Carnival of Creative Growth using our carnival submission form. Past posts and future hosts can be found on our blog carnival index page.

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    Thanks so much for including me in your carnival. I appreciate the time that you put into organizing this, thanks again!

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