Carnival of Creative Growth #26

Welcome to the Carnival of Creative Growth #26. I hope you enjoy the wide variety of articles in this edition! Many thanks to the contributers for their efforts!

Creative Thinking

Karen Lynch presents The Parable of the Paradigm (Live The Power). A beautifully clear description of how we can trap ourselves, and how to choose something else instead.

Rhonda Jones presents Should You Become an Independent Author?. She examines the basics of the business.

Creative Personal Growth

Desikachari Nadadur presents Why Understanding Religious Symbology is the Key to Your Spiritual Progress, saying, “Have you ever contemplated the deeper meaning of rituals and ritual offerings in your religious and spiritual traditions? Do you understand how the symbols in your external rituals relate to the inner depths of your spirit? If not, it is time for you to do so. This article, though centered around some of the Hindu Symbology, may provide you the needed impetus to delve into deeper meaning of the external rituals you perform in your own religious and spiritual traditions.”

Lexi Sundell presents Self Responsibility. She examines self responsibility and the results of practicing it in this post in her Change of Being series.

Tali presents Earl Nightingale’s Strangest Secret, saying, “In an innocent time, when the word “strange” had any viable effect on a listener, Earl Nightingale named his inspirational recording The Strangest Secret. Sadly, we can’t say we evolved too much, as the word “secret” still works wonders on us.”

Alex Blackwell presents 24 Weekly Actions for Creating Lasting Success. He gives some useful suggestions here.

Maria Gajewski presents How to Cross the Gap From Knowing to Doing, saying, “Do you have a bad case of self improvement inertia? Learn how to overcome your resistance to change and get moving!”

David B. Bohl presents Overwhelm: How to Break Your Life Down into Manageable Parts, saying, “Do you feel like you’re going non-stop 24/7, from the moment you awaken to the time you eventually place your head on your pillow?”

Linda W. presents How To Talk About Money With Your Partner, saying, “Financial issues often cause stress in relationships. Knowing how to discuss money matters is key to a healthy relationship.”

Amy Dyck presents 3 Lessons from the Life of Vincent Van Gogh. She offers lessons in creativity from Van Gogh.

Scott.Goolsby presents Stepping Toward Compassion, saying, “Developing compassion.”

Chris Edgar presents Is Your Creativity “Arrogant”?, saying, “Many of us often get the sense that, if we tried to make our creative work more available to others, we’d somehow be “bragging” or behaving “arrogantly.” This article aims at dispelling that belief.”

Arin Vahanian presents How to Get Rid of Excuses NOW and Start Living the Kind of Life You’ve Always Wanted. This is not so hard folks, let’s get going!

Creative Business Growth

Robert Phillips presents Stupid Business Owners with a short but funny post that gets right to the point.

Life. Money. Development. presents The 7 Attributes of Leadership, saying, “An excellent presentation of the attributes every leader should have.”

Heather Allen presents The Entrepreneur Challenge, saying, “Get the creative entrepreneur juices flowing with this deceptively simple challenge!”

Cindy King presents Why You Need To Internationalize Your Own Communication First To Avoid Cultural Blunders. She discusses how to approach different cultures for best results.

Creative Projects

Mark Schauss presents Another Con Job by the President On Global Warming. Not exactly in depth, but to the point.

Anna Bright presents A comfort blanket knitted mindfully. She explains her mindfulness experiment.

A.Lee presents Minotauromachy – Picasso’s Master Print, saying, “This article can help you better understand and appreciate one of Picasso’s artwork. As well: I find that exploring other people’s art (of whichever form), helps me in my personal creative growth. May this article in turn, inspire you.”

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