Carnival of Creative Growth #10

Welcome to the Carnival of Creative Growth #10. I requested a higher quality level as we progress with this carnival, so I was delighted, as well as downright astonished, when I received the following submission to this edition. I did not even know Steve Pavlina did any blog carnivals!

Steve Pavlina presents Making Time for the Important posted at Steve Pavlina’s Personal Development Blog. This is vital for anyone who is serious about his or her creative pursuit, take it to heart!

Living Better presents Creative Problem Solving: Get Outside the Box posted at PlainAdvice, saying, “This article shares some real life examples of creative problem solving, and encourages the reader to consider applying creative solutions to their own dilemmas in life.”

Gia Combs-Ramirez presents The State of the World and How Can I Be of Service? at the Science of Energy Healing. This pair of posts pose questions to her guides in the first post and the answers in the second. Highly reccommended!

Anmol Mehta presents 4 Key Universal Laws For Manifesting Desire If You Absolutely Must and Infinite Energy & Prosperity Meditation Technique – Free Guided Meditation Book for Daily Practice – Ch 5 posted at Mastery of Meditation, Enlightenment & Kundalini Yoga. This is another pair of posts that work well together, so I included both of them, excellent work.

Aaron M. Potts presents Successful Blogging – Are you Creating Something, or just Reading and Writing? | Today is that Day posted at Today is that Day. I like his refreshing approach in this article.

Lexi Sundell presents Jewelry Energized for Healing Grief at Energies of Creation. Hey, that’s my article about a different way to work with jewelry!

Chris presents My Experiment with Intention-Manifestation Theory posted at Martial Development. A valuable point is made in this post in an entertaining manner.

Samir Bharadwaj presents Rediscover The Pure Pleasure Of Paper Crafts And Pop Up Cards posted at For a change of pace, this is an enjoyable project.

Madeleine Begun Kane presents Cashing In With Doggie da Vincis posted at Mad Kane’s Humor Blog. This post looks at the absurd in a humorous manner.

Mitesh presents Test Your Creativity posted at Invent Creativity. A quick visual example communicates the essence of creativity in action.

Mike Estep PhD presents Talent is Overrated posted at Mike, saying, “The willingness to work and learn can cover a multitude of lack in other areas… including talent.”

Karen Lynch presents Flowing Self-Discipline posted at LivethePower, saying, “When you Love what you do, while at times it may be a challenge, it is never a painful struggle!”

Bill Urell presents How Many Of These 10 Crazy Making Ideas Affect You? posted at Addiction Recovery Basics, saying, “Bill Urell writes about 10 crazy making ideas that can keep you stuck, generate low self-esteem, and damage relationships.”

Edith Yeung presents I Have a Dream posted at Edith Yeung.Com: Dream. Think. Act. A short video provides the main impact of this article.

Arun presents Practicing For Lifetime Awesomeness posted at Arun is Bringing You…Your Daily Remedy, saying, “The best way to achieve personal growth is to practice growing everyday!”

FitBuff presents I Can’t Stand My Stand Up Desk! posted at’s Total Mind and Body Fitness Blog, saying, “Here’s a creative productivity tip found in an unlikely place — your desk! This article explains the benefits of a Stand Up Desk, plus how to set one up to try it out yourself.”

PicktheBrain presents 10 Ways to Enrich Your Life by Learning Something New posted at Pick the Brain. A practical and worthwhile list of ways to enhance receiving new information is given here.

Gustav S presents The creative power, it defines our species and make us stand out of the crowd posted at Warning, scroll down past the right sidebar to find this post!

That concludes this edition. All of you authors, please remember to add your links to this carnival. I appreciate the quality articles you offered here and invite you to continue elevating your work!

Everyone is invited to submit a blog article to the next edition of Carnival of Creative Growth using our carnival submission form. If you submit seven posts for the same edition of the carnival, none will be included.

Apparently someone did not know that this time! I do read all these articles, and only about a third were included this time, so preparing the carnival requires a lot of reading. I did run out of patience with the seven from the same author and confess I did not actually read all of those.

Past posts and future hosts can be found on our blog carnival index page. See you next time!

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11 thoughts on “Carnival of Creative Growth #10

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  3. Lexi Sundell

    Thank you all for the writings you shared in this carnival. I hope many get to enjoy reading them!

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  5. Anmol Mehta

    Hi Lexi,

    Glad your carnival is growing and evolving. Thanks for putting in the effort you do in order to make it a valuable collection of articles and also for including my posts.

    Will be linking back to it as well.

    Anmol 🙂

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  7. Khaled

    KL,I am not convinced the enregy wore off because as I paint I do use the intention that the painting bring whatever healing it is supposed to bring to whoever is supposed to receive it. I never know what that is, but once in awhile, such as with this painting, I get a glimpse of the process in action.The hard thing about the internet is you lose all sense of scale. That painting 60 inches wide is a totally different experience than 6 inches wide on a screen.Glad you liked it in the 6 inch version!Lexi

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