Carnival of Creative Growth #21

Welcome to the Carnival of Creative Growth #21. I pruned heavily this time as many carnivals are getting too large to be convenient for you readers. This is a nicely distilled collection of interesting writings, enjoy!

Creative Group Growth

gia combs-ramirez presents Will the oceans rise in the next 10 years?, saying, “I had an amazing vision one day of what the Earth will look like in 2050 and 2060. Maybe it was just an illusion in the middle of a long Montana winter BUT what was amazing was the joy and peace emanating everyWHERE. The vision has motivated me to be alive and healthy 35-40 years from now.”

Creative Projects

Rob Moshe presents Live Your Best Life By Serving Others, saying, “Once the project starts, each day I will recognize a fellow blogger that “Helped.”

Creative Thinking

Lexi Sundell presents Mastery Over the Four Levels of Intention which describes how to unify conflicting intentions when manifesting is not happening.

Nicole presents Ghetto Houseguest in a story of humanity and prejudice.

Carole G. McKay presents Technologically Challenged, saying, “How a Blackberry blackout can be your friend.”

Creative Business Growth

Cindy King presents Best Small Business Tool For Building Trust In International Clients with an article that discusses case studies.

Edith presents How to Stay Focused with suggestions for holding your attention.

Creative Personal Growth

FitBuff presents Power of the Mind – Much Stronger Than Your Biceps!, saying, “If you’re a longtime FitBuff reader, you may remember I’ve personally experienced the power of mind over muscle in one of my workouts when I lifted 50 pounds with my mind!”

Anmol Mehta presents Prosperity Mantra Mudra Meditation Technique Video, saying, “Prosperity meditation technique video that also bestows health, energy and fearlessness.”

gia combs-ramirez presents Energetic Integrity with the Three Primary Energies of the Body, saying, “You have three primary energies that you use in your relationships. To use them with integrity, takes awareness, openness and willingness. This post includes a podcast of a healing meditation to balance the psychic, heart and sexual/creative energies.”

Alex Blackwell presents 22 Sure-Fire Igniters for Inspiration, a great list of ways to spark creativity.

Tupelo Kenyon presents Finally the Truth About Diet – The China Study Review, saying, “Finally, here’s an authoritative diet and nutrition book based on hard science and exhaustive research. This revealing book is written by one of the world’s most respected authorities in the field of nutrition.”

CG Walters presents A Spiritual Teacher IS….., saying, “It is not the teacher before you that manifests what you perceive as an awakening, but the awakening within you that manifests what you perceive as a teacher.”

changeyourtree presents Newsflash: You Teach Others How To Treat You, saying, “There is a huge misunderstanding that other people get to decide how they treat you. If you don’t want this to be the case, this article will empower you to take that control back–must read!”

David B. Bohl presents Here’s a Method That’s Helping People To Live Their Lives Today, saying, “You’ve probably done one of those exercises where you imagine your own funeral and what people would say about you, in an effort to determine what parts of your life you might want to change now.”

Warren Wong presents Why Mediation Can Be Very Useful, saying, “Several reasons why mediation can be extremely useful!”

Charles H. Green presents Buy With the Heart, Justify With the Brain, saying, “An English tailor’s story demonstrates why successful people are nice, competent and of service to everyone—as a habit.”

Todd Goldfarb presents 4 Pillars of Effective Personal Growth, saying, “4 excellent pillars of personal growth…from we the change.”

Many thanks to the writers who submitted to this edition. Please link back to this page to help promote readership for everyone. Stumbling, Digging, etc. are most welcome as well.

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  1. Tupelo Kenyon

    Hi Lexi –

    Another great collection of quality articles!

    Thanks for including my article, “The Truth About Diet – The China Study Review.” Carnival Stumbled.

    Cheers, Tupelo

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