Carnival of Creative Growth #22

Welcome to the Carnival of Creative Growth #22. I hope you enjoy browsing the select offering of quality articles in this edition. You will find a couple of sleeper titles that allow you to be surprised by unexpected humor. And there are plenty of interesting gems in this collection.

Creative Business Growth

James Lee presents How to Start Long and Profitable Business Relationships. He presents sound fundamentals in building business relationships.

Creative Personal Growth

Alex Blackwell presents In the Blink of an Eye. He presents a moving story of his wife’s surgery and the realization of the importance of living in gratitude.

Gia Combs-Ramirez presents Do You Have a Spirit Ally? She describes her own experiences and gives the historical overview.

Lexi Sundell presents Incubation for Creative Expansion. A quiet time of incubations fosters creative inspiration if the conscious thinking mind is prevented from interfering.

Rich Vosler presents Lessons From The Geese. Geese are a great reminder of how others support us in life.

David B. Bohl presents Learning the Art of Gratitude for Success, saying, “They say we receive in kind those things we project into the world around us. Be it kindness, meanness, honesty, or deceit, the world has a way of paying us back in spades.”

Anmol Mehta presents Meditation for Improving Concentration, saying, “Excellent time tested meditation technique for building concentration, focus and mental fortitude.”

Warren Wong presents How To Deal With Worrying, saying, “Three steps to help you stop worrying in no time!”

Mina Togonon presents The Why’s of Learning Spanish Language: A Journey Untold, saying, “Language development is an important consideration in learning process. Why? The reason is that while you’re on the verge of learning another language, the need to understand the culture of the language owners is a must.”

Dorian Wales presents 5 Practical Reasons Why You Should Definitely Learn a Foreign Language. A nice summary of good reasons to learn a foreign language.

GreatManagement presents What Every Manager Can Learn From Barack Obama, saying, “What Every Manager Can Learn From Barack Obama”

Creative Projects

CG Walters presents Spirit Story…an Old Genre Reawakening, saying, “A path of communication with the subconscious—as opposed to a communication with the conscious mind—is alive, more a communion between the personal subconscious and the Collective Consciousness, possibly awakening or speaking to the personal consciousness a little along the way.”

Aaron Anderson presents Server Change & Viruses. He repeats the often ignored advice to back up your work and presents an excellent solution.

Creative Thinking

Dmanlamius presents Inspiration via a cow. This sounds idyllic but takes a distinct turn during the telling.

Brent Diggs presents From The Budding Flanks Of The Mississippi, saying, “Definite creative thinking upon the subject of growth”.

Tupelo Kenyon presents Make a Decision Easier, saying, “It’s a profound privilege to be able to make decisions for yourself. Consider the alternative. Would you rather have someone else make your decisions for you? The ability to make your own decisions is a good definition of freedom. Here are some tips on how to make better decisions easier.”

That concludes this edition. A special thanks goes to the writers who contributed to this carnival. You can submit your blog article to the next edition of carnival of creative growth using our carnival submission form. Past posts and future hosts can be found on our blog carnival index page.

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4 thoughts on “Carnival of Creative Growth #22

  1. CG Walters

    Another fine effort in bringing together creators of many aspects, Lexi. Thank’s for your work and for including my article.
    Many blessings and inspirations in your own creating,

  2. Tupelo Kenyon

    Hi Lexi –

    Thanks for another fine collection of quality articles. And thanks for including mine, “Make a Decision Easier.”
    Well done.
    Carnival stumbled.
    Sincerely, Tupelo

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